Wild Oats

Two poems from the Wild Oats poem box!


To My Grandchildren – A Heavy Thought


There is so much that has gone badly wrong,

So much that we are leaving you to face,

So much to deal with, your heritage

Of greed and lies and sad hypocrisy.

Many have tried to live a decent life,

Many have given all and died for love,

Many unnoticed millions now as we breathe

Are working for peace. And yet, just look –

Why is the world in such a bloody mess?

Is it the fear of death that poisons us?

Of strangers, of loss, of filthy poverty?

What in the world do we have to lose by sharing

and caring for the only world we have?

Only the God we cling to: Man, Me, Self,

The suicidal Master of our Fate.

If we could get over ourselves, we might

See life in all its glory rise again.


© David Collins




To the Exemplary Porpoise


What is the purpose

Of a porpoise?

Leaping from wave to wave in the sunlight

Can now get porpoises a place

On Youtube and the media:

They’re prettier than halibut of dace.

But what is the purpose

Of a porpoise?

None at all.

But then again everything –

It’s just to be. to be and not to be:

That’s the only purpose of a porpoise,

Or an anteater, or a tortoise

(I had to get that in even in a poem as short as

This one). And similarly, it’s the sole purpose

Of you and me,

Let’s you and me, and the halibut and the dace, with every porpoise, on purpose face it


If we can’t see that

Then that

Is that. Because without doubt nothing has taught us

The porpoises purpose.


© David Collins